Onanon- Home Baking LP (MKR001/MFW05)

Released October 6th 2008
Purchase now for NZ$35 + postage

Black vinyl LP of Onanon’s almighty second full length album. A treat for the ears and slightly disturbing for the soul, comes with a CD copy of the entire album featuring different artwork. The sort of underground rock band that should be world famous, but will settle for finding the people that need to hear it. The seeds were sown with their debut album Hang On, I'm Still Mutating, but with Home Baking Onanon have found the balance between catchy spit rock nuggets, bilious dirges and spacious beauty. A classy mix for fans of the 3Ds, The Clean, Pixies, Sonic Youth, Bailterspace and Sebadoh.

Pressed in a limited, numbered edition of 200 only.

Side A
1- I Don't Know What's Come Over Me
2- Going, Going, Gone
3- Seacliff
4- Angry Monkey
5- Angels Are Leaving
6- Fluffy White Clouds
7- Lammerlaw

Sibe B
8- Now You Are Nothing
9- Strawberry Feel Up
10- Tooth Fairy
11- Black Current
12- Nice Planet
13- Neverending Story
14- Ghostie
15- (Bonus Track) Possibilities (The Beaded Curtain Mix by the Enchanted Jockstrap)