Mountaineater- Mata/Sun Fired 7"

Released June 17th 2009
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Mountaineater make their recorded debut with this beautiful black vinyl 7". Containing some of the most heavy, and yet sublimely sonic rock music made this side of the post-millenium meltdown, Mountaineater's first 7" displays two possible corners of their multi-faceted ouvre. Where Mata leads with magnificent weight and the cleanest of indecipherable vocals, Sun Fired puts forward a case for the tension of oppressve atmospherics, bereft of the need for voice (and bass, for that matter) to make for a significant double header.

While the debt to the past glories of High Dependency Unit are still discernable, they are only there for those who predicate on the past. Mountaineater are the contemporaries of such luminaries of New Zealand's aurally experimental rock landscape as Operation Rolling Thunder, Jakob and Kerretta.
This 7" comes with a unique code to enable downloads of digital versions of each track.

Side A
1- Mata

Side B
2- Sun Fired