New Consumption Maximising Capabilities Added

You can get T shirts! Directly from Monkey Killer!
Oh the joy! You can now purchase all your favourite Monkey Killer comsumer items directly from this website! And to celebrate (well, not so much celebrate as to continue to find ways of fleecing people) you can now purchase a unique screen printed Onanon T shirt in either white print on black cotton, or white print on navy blue cotton.

Head on over to the Catalogue page to check it out! Right now, damn you!
All purchases are by the modern convenience of Paypal, so credit card only folks. If you want to organise a direct debit type situation then maybe just send us an email. We will take your money any way we can.

Mountaineater take the month of May off, pretty much, and don't resurface until the 5th of June when they play in Dunedin with Fornax Chemica and Made In China at Re:Fuel.

It would appear that there is a Mountaineater Lastfm page now. Check it out.

And faecesbook gives us the opportunity to 'communicate' with our 'fans' further:
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Posted by admin on Friday 07th of May 2010 10:35:12 PM

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