Monkey Killer Throws Third Birthday

Sunday October 16th Matinee Show

Sunday October 16th 2011

Bennu and XII Below, Moray Place, Dunedin

Pre-sales: $10 from with free download sampler

On the Door: $15 / $10 with 2011 Radio One 91 Card 

Doors: 3:30pm

Kilmog: (Previously Bad Horsey )

Conray: (Dale Cotton & Aidan Fraser)

Idiot Prayer: (Idiot Prayer Facebook Page)

Mountaineater: (Mountaineater Facebook Page)

Finish: 7:30pm

Monkey Killer Records, Dunedin’s only strictly vinyl record label, has released a bevy of sonically mind-bending records since its inception in October 2008. Now, three years on, it is time to throw a celebration for their third birthday with a unique afternoon/early evening show on Sunday October 16th 2011.

Some of the best bands with a release on Monkey Killer will be performing – including the unassailable Mountaineater and the blunt soundscapes of Idiot Prayer – along with the more contemplative Dale Cotton project Conray and the closest thing you’ll ever get to the remnants of Onanon with the catchy death-obsessed gnarly rock of Kilmog. Tickets will be $15 on the door, $10 with a Radio One 91Card, or $10 from will get you in along with a free download sampler of exclusive tracks from each performer. To help round out the party the entire Monkey Killer Records catalogue will also be available at discounted rates, along with exclusive t-shirts and other rare pieces of the Monkey Killer pie. 

Best of all, it starts nice and early at four pm, and finishes by half seven so you can get some dinner after and still tuck yourself into bed earlier than the most coddled of kids. 

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