The Third Birthday on National Radio

With thanks to Emma Smith
Emma Smith journeyed down to Dunedin and attended the Monkey killer Third Birthday at Bennu in October 2011, then posted this report on the event:

Radio New Zealand Monkey Killer Records Feature (streaming)

Features interviews with Glen and Don from Onanon/Kilmog, Mountaineater, Idiot Prayer and Operation Rolling Thunder, as well as live recordings from the event itself.

Mountaineater continue to work towards a new release with all the basic tracks recorded with Dale Cotton in Dunedin. There is currently no set release date.

Idiot Prayer no longer exist, their guitarist/singer became a muslim and moved to Singapore. This was not entirely unexpected.

Operation Rolling Thunder are in one of their habitual quiet periods, with no firm plans to play shows in the near future. Look out when they decide to play again, as more than likely it'll coincide with some sort of natural disaster.
They did, however, manage to record an Off the Cuff session, which will see release later this year. In the meantime there is a teaser available to watch. Pretty incredible (many thanks to Blackball)

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