Dunedinmusic.com -The hub for Dunedin, New Zealand's independent music community

Trademe -New Zealand's auction site

The Local Podcast- Podcast of the New Zealand Music show on Dunedin's Radio One hosted by Monkey Killer Records' owner

Record Labels

I Am Evil Records- Set up by Edwards Gains to release his solo material and material from his band, The Demi Whores, this label also distributes other New Zealand bands (including The Shrugs) and has released Onanon's Home Baking on CD in conjunction with Madfishwish.

Midium Records -New Zealand record label specialising in experimental and instrumental music, has a preference for releasing on vinyl

The Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society -New Zealand record label that releases New Zealand guitar rock on vinyl

Flying Nun- Resurrected from major label merge oblivion by original founder Roger Shepard, Flying Nun once again promises to be a shining light amongst worldwide independent labels. With a re-issue program tethered to a new release program, fans of music can once again sigh with relief, and actually get their hands on music by the 3Ds and The Verlaines. Home of most New Zealand's influential indie and noise rock bands with a catalogue of more than 500 releases.

Etch Recordings- A record label from Auckland slowly growing in confidence and with connections to defunct obtuse rock band Meterman. Etch has released vinyl from the likes of New Zealand free noise experimentation project White on White and vigorous rock band Wilberforces.

Fishrider Records- Independant label based in Dunedin that is primarily concerned with releasing The Puddle, and has also provided a recording space for Dunedin bands such as Chihuahua and The Dry.

Muzai Records- Auckland, New Zealand based record label with an emphasis on underground noise rock. Most notably featuring the positively terra-forming God Bows to Math, Muzai has also released a couple of consistently eye bulging compilations of some suitable up and comers. Bandicoot have leapt from the shadows to become another Muzai flagbearer.

Proxy Music- Dunedin based independent label with a focus on the more solid end of the noise rock spectrum. With releases from TFF and Sewage, as well as organising music festivals and lo-fi dance parties, Proxy Music is easily on the right track to be one of the most important labels to come from Dunedin in some time. They also have a myspace page and a facebook page


Onanon's Myspace Page and their facebook page

Mountaineater's Myspace Page and their facebook page

Operation Rolling Thunder's Myspace Page and their facebook page

Crude- Dunedin's prolific underground noise/drone/electronic/spastic soundscape specialist.

The Aesthetics- Loose and loud noise rock band in the loosest possible terms, alternately sloppy and powerful, The Aesthetics share the ethos of Crude with the drug damage of The Stooges. Released the album Ugly Ambition on vinyl at the end of February 2009. 

The Alpha State- Myspace page for beautiful alt-country/rock band from Dunedin

Kerretta- Incredible instrumental rock band from Auckland

The Chills- Infrequently used home page for The Chills, probably the greatest band to emerge from Dunedin and the vehicle for Martin Phillipps' songwriting, New Zealand's greatest ever songwriter. See also their myspace page

The Sproutts- The finest of Wellington indie-pop, cramming maximum sixties-style melody and odd instrumentation (what? No bass?) into perfectly formed nuggets of indisputable memorability. A rich history in being seemingly unable to stop writing the catchiest songs you'll hear blasted out in two and a half minutes. See also their myspace page.

The Verlaines- Home page of one of Dunedin's most enduring underground rock bands whose classic recordings include the Death and the Maiden single and Bird Dog LP. See also their myspace page

Toy Love- New Zealand's own seminal New Wave band that gave life to the career of Chris Knox and whose dispiriting major label experience was the pivotal influence behind Flying Nun's do-it-yourself aesthetic

The Enemy- Unofficial myspace page of Dunedin's first and most influential punk band. An influence on The Clean and The Chills and an uncountable number of other bands before they moved to Auckland and morphed into the equally influential Toy Love.

TFF- Myspace page of fantastic noise band from Dunedin

The Shrugs- Hamilton, New Zealand band with indie-spoilt country leanings. Also distributed by I Am Evil (along with Onanon)

Vorn- Sporting a similar pedigree to The Sproutts (of which Vorn is also a member), Vorn is the name of the lead singer/songwriter of this same-named four piece band and specialises in the cleverest indie pop songs that you'll be humming for days while constantly marvelling over the smartness of the irreverant lyrics.

The George Kay Experience- Sixties garage-rock sounding Dunedin band, with enthusiasm and downright stonk to burn.

Left or Right- Heavy reggae tinged rock from the depths of Southern New Zealand, Left or Right took the bold move of releasingtheir debut album on Compact Disc, cassette tape and vinyl.

Music Sites

Real Groove- The only music magazine worth reading in New Zealand, still providing actual musical criticism (instead of bland advertorials) with the streak of independance New Zealand's underground so doggedly respects

Under the Radar- Daily updated site of New Zealand music and music in New Zealand, including news, reviews and interviews. Also has an online vinyl store.

Cheese on Toast- Similar to Under the Radar, Cheese on Toast is an Auckland-centric New Zealand music site with plenty of photos, posters, reviews and interviews.

Tally Ho- Historic New Zealand music fan archivist site, dedicated mainly to those underground New Zealand bands that were so influential from the eighties through to the mid-nineties. The reference to The Clean in the website name should be clue enough to the contents.