You can purchase Monkey Killer vinyl and T shirts directly from this website. Just head on over to the catalogue page and get purchasing...
Purchasing is by credit card only, through the magic of Paypal. Shipping is worldwide.

Otherwise, there are some other places you can find your fix of Monkey Killer:


Invercargill: Play It Again- 55 Esk Street

Queenstown: Play It Again- O' Connells Pavilion, Beach Street

Wanaka: Play It Again

Dunedin: Records Records- 393 Princes Street

Dunedin: Too Tone Records at Chicks Hotel, Port Chalmers

Dunedin: Marbecks- Wall Street Mall, George Street

Christchurch: Galaxy Records- 110 Manchester Street

Christchurch: Real Groovy- 179 Tuam Street

Wellington: Slow Boat Music- 183 Cuba Street

Wellington: Real Groovy- Cuba Street

Internet Dunedin's online independant music hub, the store ships worldwide

Smokecds- Great source of NZ music, the store ships worldwide

Undertheradar- Indie music website with online vinyl store. Look here for Onanon, and here for Mountaineater.

Trademe- NZ's online auction site